Cortney Geary

Cortney is a cycling advocate and planner with the Chattanooga Area Regional Planning Agency.

Becoming involved with the bicycling community in Chattanooga inspired Cortney to transition from dancing with the Chattanooga Ballet to a second career in transportation planning. After completing a master's degree in Community and Regional Planning at the University of Oregon and interning with a transportation consulting firm in the Netherlands, Cortney returned to Chattanooga with new ideas about how to create a well-balanced, multimodal transportation system from the Pacific Northwest and abroad. In addition to supporting bike commuting, Cortney also enjoys mentoring young riders in the Southeast Conservation Corps' Trips for Kids program.

What is one wish you have for Chattanooga?

My wish for Chattanooga is that walking, biking, and public transit can become effective transportation options for more people. Although Chattanooga has physical barriers, such as ridges, a river, and rail lines, there are many areas where it could be possible for more people to get around without a car if we could create a comfortable, connected, efficient multimodal transportation network and a supportive land development pattern. Giving people options for how they get around is good for the environment, building community, social mobility, public health, and safety.