Rebecca Suttles

Rebecca Suttles has been the Director of Scholarships at the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga for over 13 years. In this position, she primarily works with first generation college students, but gladly helps anyone interested in going or returning to college. Prior to joining the Foundation, she worked as the Program Manager at Girls Incorporated in Chattanooga and within the juvenile justice system in Lynchburg, Virginia.

As a summer intern over 20 years ago she realized she wanted to focus her life’s work on underserved children/adolescents. Upon her return to school that fall, she had a second internship with the juvenile justice system in Lynchburg, VA. This internship further confirmed her passion to work with students and forever changed her life.

Since graduating from Lynchburg College, she has continuously worked with and advocated for underserved students. Through her most recent work with the Chattanooga Bridge Scholars program, she has the opportunity to reach younger audiences.